Cambridge iReport

Cambridge iReport

Cambridge Citizen Requests, Now Online & On the Go!

Cambridge iReport is your direct connection for commonly requested City services. By using Cambridge iReport, your request is automatically assigned to the responsible department, and you are given a tracking number and contact information in order to be able to follow up on your request if needed. Reporting an issue takes only a minute and helps make our city a better place to live, work and visit!

Just Added

Cambridge iReport now allows you to report abandoned or illegally parked bicycles to the Public Works department for inspection and removal.

View Maps of Open Requests

You can now view interactive maps of open service requests for select report types:

Track the status of your tickets

You can now track the status of tickets you have submitted both from the web and your mobile devices on the new My Reports page.

Cambridge iReport is also available on your mobile device from the iTunes App Store and the Google Play.

Submit a Report Online

Submitting a report through Cambridge iReport on the web is quick, simple and easy. Simply choose from the list of report types below to send your request directly to the appropriate department for the quickest service.

  • Pothole

    Report a pothole to Public Works' Street and Sidewalk Maintenance Division for inspection and repair.

  • Icy or Snowy Street

    Report an icy or snowy street in Cambridge to the Public Works Department

  • Taxi Complaint or Compliment

    Report a compliment or complaint about a taxi within the City of Cambridge.

  • Abandoned Bicycle

    Report an illegally parked or abandoned bicycle to the Public Works department

  • Bike Rack Issue

    Report a problem with, or request the installation of, a bike rack with the Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department.

  • Issue at the Fresh Pond Reservation

    Report an issue or problem you see or experience while at the Fresh Pond Reservation

  • Park Maintenance Issue

    Report a park maintenance issue with a City-maintained park with the Department of Public Works .

  • Rodent Sighting

    Report a rodent sighting the Inspectional Services Department.

  • Sidewalk Defect

    Report a defect (cracked concrete, loose bricks, etc.) in a Cambridge sidewalk to the Department of Public Works

  • Missed Curbside Pickups

    Report a missed pickup of curbside recycling, trash, yard waste, or compost to Public Works' Solid Waste Division.

  • Unshoveled or Icy Sidewalk

    Report an unshoveled or icy sidewalk to Public Works' Street and Sidewalk Maintenance division for inspection.

  • Defective Streetlight

    Report a defective streetlight or park light to the Electrical Department

  • Tree Maintenance Issue

    Report an issue regarding tree maintenance with the Department of Public works, such as requesting a tree be pruned or inspected for pests and disease.

  • Traffic Sign Complaint

    Report a problem with a traffic sign in the City to the Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department.

  • Traffic Signal Complaint

    Report an issue with traffic signals (traffic lights, pedestrian walk signals, etc.) to the Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department.

  • Graffiti

    Report graffiti to Public Works' Street Cleaning Division

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